Sunday, February 25, 2007

Verse of the Week 25 FEB 2007

And for the heck of it, I'll share something that the base chaplain shared with me the other day... He was giving a lesson on all things testify of Christ:

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me!"

Isaiah 6:8

As the Lord had once said these words, so Isaiah said them... and then the chaplain told us of how we had said them. All of us had volunteered to be there. We were all standing up for the rights of others. It is my testimony that Jesus is the Christ. He died for all of us that we may have a way to return to our Heavenly Father. As he "volunteered" and was sent to do the will of the father: we "volunteered" and are sent to protect the freedom of His children. Just another example of how all things testify of Christ. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.